Poll Worker Application
  1. Thank you for your interest in being a poll worker for Clark County. Poll workers are selected by the party chairpersons of the respective political party. We will forward your request to the appropriate party for their consideration.

    Please fill out this form if you are a registered voter and resident of Clark County and are willing to be placed on a list of potential poll workers for the November 3rd, 2020 General Election.

    (If you are not currently registered to vote, please visit www.indianavoters.com to do so before applying for this position.)

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For Additional Information Please Contact the
Clark County Voter Registration Office

Susan Popp, Clark County ClerkSusan Popp, Clark County Clerk
Clark County Voter Registration
501 E. Court Avenue, Room 139
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
812.285.6329 TEL
812.280.5652 FAX